Caller ID Spoofing References

Caller ID spoofing has received a lot of attention in today’s press and on the news as a result of the many privacy issues going on. This is a reference of all the media coverage fake caller id and caller id spoofing has received as well as various legislation and proposed legislation that reference it’s usage.


H.R.251 – To amend the Communications Act of 1934 to prohibit manipulation of caller identification information, and for other purposes.

S.704 – A bill to amend the Communications Act of 1934 to prohibit manipulation of caller identification information.

In the News

3/14/2008 – Yahoo Tech
Five scams you may not know about

2/29/2008 – Slashdot
Teen Phone Phreak Targeted by the FBI

1/24/08 – Network World
Caller ID spoofing burns fire equipment company

1/23/2008 – eMediaWire / PRWEB Helps ‘Untraceable’ Movie Make Untraceable Phone Calls

12/10/2007 – Fox 16 News
Hacking caller id systems on the rise

11/16/2007 – Forbes
LIGATT Security Issues Alert: Telephone Spoofing Service Allows You to Check Your Boyfriend’s, Girlfriend’s, CEO’s, Competitors’ and Almost Anyone’s Cell Phone Voicemail

11/15/2007 – Wired
Guilty Plea: Phone Phreaks Use Caller-ID Spoofing to Get Foes Raided By SWAT

6/27/2007 – Ars Technia
Caller ID spoofing about to be outlawed

6/14/2007 – Washington Post
House Approves Anti-Caller ID Spoofing Bill

4/26/2007 – Washington Post
Lawmakers Aim to Crack Down on Caller ID Spoofing

4/6/2007 – O’Reilly
Twitter and Jott Vulnerable to SMS and Caller ID Spoofing

11/22/2006 – Telecomweb
Congress Ponders Tougher Caller-ID Spoofing Bill

9/17/2006 – The New York Times
The Secret Life of Private Investigators

8/25/2006 – PC World
Paris Hilton Accused of Voice-Mail Hacking

8/23/2006 – TMZ
Company Says Hilton’s a Hacker…Lohan a Victim ?

8/21/2006 – NBC2 News
Caller ID can now be used by scam artists

8/16/2006 – eWeek
Dont Believe That Lying Telephone

7/6/2006 – USA Today
Caller ID scammers plan to do a number on you

4/6/2006 – Wired
Bill Would Clean Up Caller ID

3/22/2006 – Wired
Probes Scrutinize Caller ID Hacks

3/2/2006 – Network World
Caller ID scams proliferating

3/2/2006 – Fox News
‘Spoofing’ Making Caller ID Less Trustworthy

3/1/2006 – USA Today
Caller ID spoofing becomes all too easy

2/17/2006 – Washington Post
Federal Court Officials Warn of Scam

2/1/2006 – O’Reilly
Exploit Cingular Voicemail Vulnerability via Caller ID Spoofing

4/25/2005 – BBC News
Fake call ID services on the rise

10/30/2004 – Washington Post
New Tricks Fool Caller ID

9/4/2004 – The New York Times
Citing Threats, Entrepreneur Wants to Quit Caller ID Venture

9/2/2004 – The New York Times
A Commercial Software Service Aims to Outfox Caller ID

9/1/2004 – USA Today
Who’s calling? It might not be who you think it is

9/1/2004 – Information Week
Caller ID Spoofing Service Debuts

8/31/2004 – Engadget
Questions about the Caller I.D. falsification (Caller ID Spoofing) service answered…

8/27/2004 – Security Focus
Website offers Caller I.D. falsification service

7/6/2004 – Security Focus
VoIP hacks gut Caller I.D.