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If you have caller ID, you have undoubtedly had at least one blocked call in your lifetime and if you’re like everyone else, you want to know who was calling you from that ‘private’ number that showed up on your caller id.


If you own a cell phone there is a service that will give you this information and much much more! The service is called TrapCall and is available in (4) different levels of service including a free basic version and on up to a $24.95 a month version that includes many additional features that your cell phone provider should have provided you with.


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The service Plans

TrapCall is nice enough to provide a free plan, we decided to try the free trial of the Bear Trap service ourselves and continued to keep it and pay for it accordingly.



TrapCall Testing & Usage

We tested many features of the Bear Trap service and found it to be a great service. We tested TrapCall with an iPhone 3GS. The initial reason for testing was to discover who was calling from blocked numbers, which the service revealed very easily. Beyond that, we found an additional use for the service that TrapCall makes no mention of on their website.


We found that if you travel overseas and want to avoid keeping your phone on and incuring expensive international roaming fees, you can turn your cell-phone (or leave your phone off) into an airplane like mode (so that it doesn’t try to connect you to a cell network). This will allow your calls to be forward to your voicemail while you are in a different country. As long as calls are able to reach your voicemail, you can receive an email notification of the phone call with caller ID, as well as a transcript of the voicemail. This has the potential to save you a bunch of money if you are a regular overseas traveler.


Note: The reason we say OFF, is we found that if you leave your phone ON and do not answer, the incoming call is rarely if ever routed to your voicemail. It usually goes to a message from the local cell phone company.



I can tell you that the service works great, it does an amazing job of unmasking private callers. The additional features of the paid service are worthwhile if you need them. We really have nothing bad to say about the service!


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DISCLAIMER: This an affiliate blog posting. The editor of this site may receive a comission for any sale that occurs. (Editor’s Note: When I wrote this I had a genuine need for the service and actually paid for the service and used it for several months. The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of myself and this article copy was not influenced in any way by TrapCall or it’s affiliates. It was reviewed prior to any affiliate programs.)