Voicemail Hacking with Fake Caller ID

Voicemail Hacking with Fake Caller ID With all the recent press recently about voicemail hacking going on at News Corporation, I figured I’d share one of the easiest methods of getting into people’s voicemail. It’s so simple that just about anyone that is willing to do it can go right now and get the email of your space, friends, business partners, clients, government officials, and much more. So not only is it possible to use a caller ID spoofing service to get into someones cellular voicemail, it’s extremely simple to do!


When using a any of the caller ID spoofing providers, all one typically has to do to make a fake caller ID phone call is to enter the number your phone number, your destination phone number, and the phone number that you want to show up on the other person’s caller ID. Getting into someone’s voicemail is as simple as using that person’s phone number as the number you want to show up. If you are lucky and their voicemail system works without having to enter a passcode everytime (like on the iPhone) you will go right to their voicemail with administrative access. This also only works if the person you are calling doesn’t answer the phone when you try doing this. There is however, a way around this if you happen to have your victim’s direct dial voicemail number. There are plenty of resources around that discuss the various local phone number access numbers one can use to call their voicemail systems, it is different for each cell provider. I have tested this on my own AT&T service, and it works like a charm everytime.


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We make no claims as to the legality of caller ID spoofing and/or using it to obtain access to someone’s voicemail. There are many legitimate uses for caller ID spoofing that don’t involve accessing other people’s voicemail, just as there is a valid reason that the voicemail systems are so easily accessible by others.